Saturday, July 31, 2010

Only a few weeks left! We have gathered everything we need for the baby, and a whole bunch of great stuff that we love! Everyone has been beyond generous with their love, prayers, and gifts. We are thankful to God for all of you!

It has been soooo hot, and I'm starting to get a little uncomfortable. The chiropractor has made is possible for me to be pain-free for days at a time! The discomfort is simply from carrying and growing a baby. It is truly a joy and I am so grateful for the job! But it's still work- all you ladies know!

Now we are on to the last projects and trying to squeeze in some Summer fun! Michael and my Dad spent an afternoon organizing the garage, and it's amazing! Everything is on hooks and shelves and in its place. :) We have a few larger cleaning projects to tackle and a few small projects that never seem to get done- thank goodness for our helpers coming this weekend!

The crib is in the room and the bed is made- the cradle is also in. I will post some nursery photos this week- I plan to have it completed in a few days. I put up the curtain this morning and I am making a Babies R Us run today. Then I just want to relax and wait for the angel to arrive!

We go to the doc Tuesday morning, then we go to a meet and greet with the Pediatrician. We will work with them so that she can be present for the birth and examine the baby from day 1. The hospital will provide a Pediatrician, but then they must transfer records. We would like it if the same person sees the baby from the beginning. We will let you know how it all goes, and get a few more photos up!

Friday, July 23, 2010

The doc appointment was fine as usual. My blood pressure is great, and the baby's heart rate is 147. The baby is still not turning, but we have a little bit of time for that. I may have to do some cat/cow stretches. They did not do the exam that they planned on doing because I had to wait so long, so we don't know about any progress. I go back August 4, and they will definitely check then!

This weekend we will have our crib, so I'll put up some photos once it is put together. I will also post some baby shower photos. So excited!!

Thanks to the chiropractor, I have had very little pain for a week now! The treatment is working so well!!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

The doctor appointment went well. My iron levels have actually improved since they first took my blood, so that's good! The baby's heart rate was 145- still good. My blood pressure is fine as well. I am having TERRIBLE pain in my hips, though, which has led me to a chiropractor. Since I have an old tailbone injury, there is some concern that natural delivery could cause further injury. We cannot x-ray, so the chiropractor is working on rotating my pelvis to its natural position and engaging the muscles that hook to my hips- none of these are currently in the right place! As he works the area, my pain level improves, and leads us to believe that we will be able to deliver the baby normally. Yay!! He/she is still not head-down, but we have time. Once my pelvis is aligned, the baby should fit just fine. Until then, he/she is just bumping around!!

The next doc appointment is week after next, and they will start examining things a lot closer each time (if you know what I mean!). I'm glad they warned me!

We have a loooong list of house projects to try to complete before the baby comes. It's so hard to get anything done on the weekends! We just keep making plans and the day is gone before we know it! During the week we are both tired after work (myself more and more every day) and we have other activities keeping us busy. I am actually looking forward to being "stuck" at home each and every day and evening. The dogs will love it too!! I am adding some cute photos of them here- they're part of the family too!!
33.5 weeks.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Here are a few photos of the nursery. We also have a huge entertainment center in there for books and toys, as well as a twin bed. My sewing cabinet is also in there. We don't have the crib yet, and everything will stay as long as it fits. The sewing cabinet can move to the guest room across the hall if necessary.

The walls are VERY light blue- almost white. I hope you can see the color in the photos. The crib is either yellow or white, and the curtains will be yellow gingham. Should be very soothing and nice. We have a few bedding sets, and they are just light colors, so everything matches fine.

Doctor appt in the morning- will let you all know how it goes, and I promise to post a photo!