Sunday, June 27, 2010

31 weeks

My, has it been hot! I am very grateful for the sun and pop-up showers- even this heat is better than winter!

This week has been good. I'm tired by the end of most days, but I feel like this is to be expected. The doc appointment went well. They take my weight, urine, and blood pressure- all normal and good. The baby's heart rate is 138 (it was at that particular moment), which is still very good. We will go back July 6. Our appointments are every 2 weeks now for a few times, and then we are at weekly appointments. Due date is approaching fast!

We have been working to get things in order in the baby's room. I will post some photos of me and the room later this week. The room isn't completed or anything, but it's getting cute!

In the mean time, I will stay cool and take it easy.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

30 weeks

We had a doctor appointment today- the usual. The heart rate is 139, so that's good. Everything is measuring normal as far as they can tell. No ultrasound this time. We go back in 2 weeks- July 6.

I had my first baby shower last weekend. Boy, did we get spoiled!! Everyone gave amazing and super practical gifts! Some Moms-to-be may hope for the cutesy stuff, but I dream of practical goodies! Thank you all so much for helping to prepare our home!!

My Mom made the dress I wore, and she made another one I will wear to my next shower in July. She's just too much!! It's so great to have a few cotton dresses to wear in this heat! Fortunately, I am very cold natured, so the heat isn't getting to me any more than normal. But 99 degrees is HOT HOT HOT, pregnant or not!

With the concern of a strawberry allergy, I stopped eating them for a week. All my symptoms went away. Then I started eating them again- no symptoms yet. I think it may have been something else. Yay! I love strawberries!

Michael has been wonderful as the belly grows! I drop everything I touch, and he is so sweet to pick it all up. He also carries around anything that weighs more than my purse. Somehow he manages to watch all his soccer games on DVR- he deserves some tv time!!

I will post another photo at 32 weeks. The baby is growing so fast at this point!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

30 weeks. Looks like I ate a watermelon!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Changed up the background- so pretty! I hope you all like it.

It has come to my attention that this blog is checked frequently, and updates would be appreciated. Here you go!

This weekend I worked a little too hard. I will take it nice and easy this week- I promise!! The baby seems to be as happy as ever. I feel (and see!) good strong kicks and rolling elbows and such. He/She also gets hiccups almost every day. So cute! It's so fun to have little reminders that he/she is already a little person! I think I can tell the difference between when he/she is awake and dreaming, too. This one is going to be a leg-twitcher like Dad!! Strawberries also bring on strong kicking. I wonder what that means...

My first baby shower is this coming weekend. I am so excited to see everyone! It will also be so fun to put baby stuff in the baby room. We will add some cute photos to the site and facebook. We went through ALL of our childhood stuff and pulled out the books and stuffed animals that we want out for the baby. It was really funny to go through all that stuff!!

I'll update later this week and add a photo. :)
29 weeks. The pattern makes it hard to tell how things are progressing. I will add another photo next week.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Test Results

Glucose Tolerance Test results were good. I don't have to go back for any additional testing.

Next doc appt is June 22. I have no idea what they will do- probably just the usual.

Friday, June 4, 2010

28 weeks- Last Trimester

Went to the doc 6/2. The heart rate is 148- still strong. We are seeing (and mom feels!) lots of elbows and feet. We don't have the results yet of the glucose tolerance screening. If it's high, mom has to do a longer glucose screening test and may possibly have gestational diabetes. So far things seem good. Photos from the last few weeks are coming soon!