Monday, April 12, 2010

Belly Photo

Last vid

Heartbeat then thumbsucking

More Moving Pictures

Excuse me...I wanna stretch my legs's getting cramped...

The feet

Some mobile photos

Yes, this is the baby hitting itself in the face...then mom laughing is the wiggles...then the baby plots it's next move...

General wiggling

More Photos

Legs (the knees are in the middle ;);)

Tadpole or perhaps a mermaid/merman:


We had the 20 week ultrasound and the baby now has an anatomy. It is also much like a boxer, so I think it will give Rocky a run for best boxer ever....if it will stop hitting itself in the face ;)

Head and arm:

That little alien inside the big alien's remember

Das feet with 5 toes...I was really hoping for 10 total toes but we'll take what we can get

1 foot/leg...we'll call him/her hopper

skeleton...blow this up and you got yourself a halloween decoration


We got to hear the baby's heart beat this time and it was 141 bpm. Everything still looks good.


The creature is sprouting arms and legs and apparently doesn't like being poked with the probe. Sort of starting to look like a hampster now. Baby still growing and doing well. Pictures added from the visit too.

The doctors asked us if she was having any issues. I was nice this time ;)

The due date has been pushed back to August 28th now.


First Ultrasound: The little booger is still in there and growing away. They confirmed that the baby is about 7 weeks at this point. I think that I was able to tell what it will be: it will either be a bat or a sucker fish but you can decide for yourself.

Sucker Fish:

Bat in a cave:


Initial Checkup: Completed - Baby is healthy and growing. Predicted due date is August 25th. Initial blood tests are being run and physical exam is complete. eww and ow


Tuesday December 28, 2010: Positive pregnancy test :0 The peasants rejoice!! ;)